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 Bill Blass

Bill Blass Classic by Bill Blass for ...

Bill Blass Perfume - Nude Cologne ...

Nude 1.7 oz spray for women by Bill ...

Nude 3.4 oz spray for women by Bill ...

Bill Blass 5oz BODY LOTION

Bill Blass 3.3oz Eau De Toilette Spray

Bill Blass Perfume - Bill Blass Eau ...

Bill Blass 1.7oz. Eau de Toilette ...

Bill Blass 3.4oz. Eau de Toilette ...

Nude Perfume for Women Cologne Spray ...

Bill Blass by Bill Blass for women ...

Bill Blass by Bill Blass 1.7 oz. Eau ...

Nude by Bill Blass 3.4 oz. Cologne ...

Nude for Women by Bill Blass EDC ...

 Bill Blass for Women by Bill Blass ...

Nude For Women By Bill Blass: Nude ...

Nude For Women By Bill Blass: Nude ...

Nude by Bill Blass for Women Cologne ...

NUDE Bill Blass Eau De Cologne Spray ...

Nude 3.4 Oz EDC Spray 100 ML Women by ...

AMAZING Bill Blass Vial (sample) .03 ...

Nude 1.7 Oz EDC Spray 50 ML Women by ...

Nude by Bill Blass for Women Cologne ...

Amazing Perfume by Bill Blass 1.7 oz ...

Bill Blass Perfume by Bill Blass 1.7 ...

Nude 1.7 Oz Cologne Natural Women By ...

Nude by Bill Blass for women - 1.7 oz ...

Amazing by Bill Blass for men - 3.4 ...

Amazing by Bill Blass for men - 1.7 ...

Bill Blass 3.4 Oz Women By Bill Blass 

Bill Blass for women - 3.4 oz eau de ...

Bill Blass Perfumes

You can say that colognes are things as varied as their users. Therefore, they are different as we are in our likings and personalities. Confusion is just a way of life in this particular field.


Going back in the ancient times, there was a time when the normal family male was a traveler and it was more fur than fabric, pheromones acted a crucial role in keeping the breed pumping its volume. Time passed with many changes, but the instinct is still alive. It is a fact, and proven by surveys that approximately a 100 percent of the people think that the smell of the opposite gender acts an important role in physical association. And we are smelly beings.


So try out, as much it is possible with citrus fruits, tobacco, oak moss, vanilla, white lilac, rose and a plethora of other usual, perfumed basics. An exciting, hot, spicy, sticky result is predicted.



Features Of Bill Blass fragrances And Colognes


  • Exclusive perfumes harmonizing citrus fruits, tobacco, oak moss, vanilla, white lilac and rose in the best possible proportions.

  • Natural elements of supreme quality are taken to make the Bill Blass Perfumes and scents.

  • Superlative preserving elements being utilized to keep the perfumes preserved for longer times.

  • Simplistic but trendy packing makes Bill Blass perfume bottles just as a showpiece.

  • Best quality but not much costly.

  • Outstanding staying power.

Bill Blass Perfume For Men

We have tried to discuss collectively all the specifications of the best quality Bill Blass perfume for gents suiting all types of tastes and moods.


  • Amazing Cologne: An innocent, delicious but female perfume made with the best possible combination of crisp citrus, spice and wood aromas. A tremendous nightwear!


Perfume For Women

Now we will discuss the specifications of almost all of the major collection of graceful colognes and scents that made way into the wardrobe of the elegant people globally. The Bill Blass Perfume series is therefore produced keeping in view the likings and moods of those, who pass most of their time in high class society. Fruity ingredients with classical making procedure make possible for these colognes in becoming a must have thing. Bill Blass goes with its long researched range of exciting aromas sufficient to blow one down.


  • Nude Perfume: Refreshing, moderate, flowery perfumes softened with touches of mosses. Suggested for the dreamy lady.


  • Amazing Perfume: The same tenderness but in flower! Mandarin, Wild Muguet and Cotton flowers are blended with Hydrangea, water lily, mimosa and musk. Created for informal use.


Once kept for the wealthy, colognes have now entered to everyone’s routine life. With the passage of time they have now become affordable for all people. Bill Blass is definitely the brand which made this changeover possible. Bill Blass through constant labor has produced an entire line of perfumes; which is inexpensive and high quality. Bill Blass also offers absolutely free samples for the users to select a Bill Blass perfume which matches most your personality with ease.


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