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 Calyx Perfume

Calyx 1.7 Oz EDP Spray 50 ML Women by ...
Calyx Perfume by Prescriptives 1.7 oz ...
Calyx Perfume by Prescriptives 3.4 oz ...
Calyx 3.4 Oz EDP Spray 100 ML Women ...
Prescriptives Perfume - Calyx ...
Prescriptives Perfume - Calyx Eau De ...
Calyx for Women Gift Set - 1.7 oz EDP ...
Calyx 3.4 Eau De Perfume Spray Women ...
Calyx by Prescriptives for Women - ...
Calyx by Prescriptives for Women - ...
Calyx 1.7 oz spray for Women by ...
Joy Set 2.5oz. Eau de Parfum Spray ...
Prescriptives Calyx Exhilarating ...
Calyx for Women by Prescriptives ...
Calyx by Prescriptives for Women 4 ...
Calyx For Women By Prescriptives: ...
Calyx by Prescriptives for Women Eau ...
Calyx by Prescriptives for Women Eau ...
Calyx for Women by Prescriptives ...
Joy 1oz. Eau de Toilette Spray for ...
Calyx by Prescriptives for Women 6.7 ...
Calyx 1.7oz Exhilarating Fragrance ...
Calyx Exhilarating Fragrance Spray ...
Prescriptives Calyx Eau de Toilette ...
Prescriptives Calyx Eau de Toilette ...
Prescriptives Calyx Shimmering Mist, ...
Calyx by Prescriptives, 3.4 oz ...
Calyx By Prescriptives For Women. ...
Calyx By Prescriptives For Women. ...
CALYX by Prescriptives
Prescriptives Calyx Exhilarating ...
CALYX by Prescriptives
CALYX by Prescriptives
CALYX by Prescriptives
Prescriptives Calyx Shimmering Mist - ...
Calyx By Prescriptives Fragrance ...

CALYX by Prescriptives FRAGRANCE ...

CALYX by Prescriptives FRAGRANCE ...

Calyx Perfumes

Calyx perfumes and fragrances items are a production of Prescriptive. Prescriptive is the high-tech sister company of the Estee Lauder group. They focus in customizable skincare items making a use of a myriad of basic formulas to suit any color and sort of skin. These products have great Colorprint service for matching colors for the foundation. With the powder, concealer and lip gloss and its beautiful packaging, Prescriptive products attracted everyone.


Although its signature make is the Super Line Preventor. Prescriptive did not skimp on new inventions, when it produced its Calyx array of fragrances.


Features Of Calyx colognes


  • Refreshingly women’s’ and distinctive with an energizing blend of grapefruit and mandarin smells.

  • Innumerable of flavorful fruits with passion fruit, mango, papaya and a tangy hint of guava.

  • The flowery middle taste is produced by freesia, rose, lily, jasmine, marigold and muguet.

  • The base smell is provided with the blend of different tones of oak moss, sandalwood and vetiver. The perfume last the whole day and is suggested for casual use.

  • This bottle of high spirits is presented in .5 oz at 27.50 USD, 1.7 oz. at 47.00 USD and 3.4 oz. 72.00USD packages.


Variations Of Calyx Perfume

To improve and complement the distinctive qualities of the Calyx perfume, a few variations have been thrown into the blend:



  • Calyx Shimmering Mist - As a complement for those hard working times, the Calyx perfume, rightly named Shimmering Mist is a lighter edition of the Calyx perfume. It leaves a bit of sparkle on the body when used and is also exciting. Calyx Shimmering Mist is launched in a 1.7 oz bottle at 45USD.


  • Calyx Exhilarating Shower Gel – If you can, take a few moments out and enjoy under the warm spray of water while lathering up with this product, which is available in a 6.7 oz bottle at 22.00USD. It will surely wash off in spite of the fulsome foam that will carefully cover and wash your whole body. The Gel is guaranteed to leave just the most delicate scent on your skin.


  • Calyx Exhilarating Body Lotion - With just the right hint of the Calyx signature smell, the lotion is supplement with coconut oil for delightfully soft and flexible skin, with Vitamin E for moisturizing it while investing your skin with just a bit of sparkle. It is also available in a 6.7 oz bottle at 28.00USD. The shipping of all these perfumes is free anyplace in the US for a minimum shopping of 50.00 USD.


Not convinced? No problem. A Calyx perfume samples are free for you if you got a registered membership on the Prescriptive website. Or, you can email any of the distributors listed on the site and order for product. They will definitely be pleased to provide you services.


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