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 Champagne Perfume

Yvresse Champagne Perfume by Yves ...

Royal Bain De Champagne Perfume by ...

Royal Bain De Champagne Perfume by ...

Sula Champagne Sugar Perfume Oil

Sula Champagne Sugar Eau de Parfum

DKNY Red Delicious 3.4 oz spray ...

Strawberries _ Champagne Perfume ...


Still for Women by Jennifer Lopez Eau ...

Still for Women by Jennifer Lopez Eau ...

Still for Women by Jennifer Lopez Eau ...

DKNY Red Delicious 1.7 oz spray ...

Baby Phat Golden Goddess 1.7oz Eau De ...

Baby Phat Golden Goddess 3.4oz Eau De ...

 Splendor 1oz. Eau de Parfum Spray for ...

Splendor 2.5oz. Eau de Parfum Spray ...

 Still for Women by Jennifer Lopez ...



Banana Republic Rosewood Gift Set

 DKNY Red Delicious 1.7 oz for women ...

Red Delicious by Donna Karan, 1.7 oz ...

DKNY Red Delicious 3.4 oz for women ...

Provocative Interlude By Elizabeth ...

Provocative Interlude By Elizabeth ...

 Champagne by Yves Saint Laurent for ...

Still by J.lo (JLo), 3.4 oz Eau De ...

Eau De Campagne by Sisley 1.7 oz. Eau ...

Demeter Champagne Brut by Demeter ...

Royal Bain de Champagne by Caron Eau ...

DKNY Red Delicious Women 1 oz Eau de ...

DKNY Red Delicious Women 1.7 oz Eau ...

Sula Perfume Oil

Splendor by Elizabeth Arden for women ...

Splendor by Elizabeth Arden for women ...

Eau De Campagne 1.6 Oz Eau De ...

Vera Wang Sheer Veil EDP/3.4oz

Royal Bain Champagne by Caron for men ...

Royal Bain Champagne by Caron for men ...

Champagne Brut by Demeter - 4.0 oz ...

Champagne Perfumes

One of his series is the Yves Saint Laurent perfumes. He produced a number of names in perfume lines. For men, he prepared Body Kouros, Jazz, Jazz Prestige. Many others creations are Kouros, Kouros body, Kourios Sprt, Live Jazz, M7, Opium, Rive Gauche and Ysl. He also offered large selection for perfume for women. Including Baby Doll, Cinema, In Love Again. This is a long list including Nu, Opium line, Fragrance, Paris line, Rive Gauche for her, Vice Versa, Y, and Yvresse or Champagne.


Champagne is produced by Yves Saint Laurent. It was the year of 1993. Because of several disputes about the name and having a clash with Champagne by Caron he changed its name by Yvresse.


Champagne cologne Features:


  • The genuine bottle has a limited quantity in stock.

  • It is newly named by Yvresse.

  • It has an outstanding and distinctive aroma for ladies.

  • Special superior quality of ingredients for a wonderful product.

  • Available in various volumes which can be purchased from many department stores and from websites.


Champagne cologne For Women:

Champagne perfume is absolutely produced by Yves Saint Laurent. It was introduced in market in 1993 with champagne as its creative name. This perfume has a smell of fresh green flowers and juicy fruits with fundamental notes of musk. With this character of the perfume, it is absolutely greatest for morning wear.


Champagne cologne is prepared from richly concentrated mixtures. It possesses up to 22 percent of fundamental oils. The smell of the perfume generally remains for minimum six hours. Champagne perfume has lesser concentration, thus possessing a lighter sense. It possesses 4 percent essential oils yet still prepared from the same quality of elements as used in the champagne cologne.


To show you the qualities of your Champagne perfumes, it is suggested to use same scents in different products. Freshen up with bath gels and use lotion or spray with the same aroma as Champagne. Then wear last the Champagne cologne. If you still desire to add use it during the day activities, you can purchase the smaller bottle so that it will easily be taken by you in your purse or hand bag.


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