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  Chance Perfume

Champagne Brut by Demeter - 4.0 oz ...


Chanel Chance Perfume by Chanel 1.7 ...

 Chance by Chanel for women - 1.7 oz ...

Chance For Women By Chanel: Chance ...

 Womens designers Perfume by Chanel, ( ...

Chance by Chanel for women - 1.7 oz ...

Chance 0.25 Oz Pure Perfume Splash ...

Chance by Chanel for women - 1.2 oz ...

Chance 1.7 Oz EDT Spray 50 ML Women ...

Chance by Chanel for women - 1.2 oz ...

Chance 1.7oz. Eau de Parfum Spray for ...

Chance 3.4oz. Eau de Parfum Spray for ...


Chance by Chanel for Women 7.0 oz ...

Womens designers Perfume by Chanel, ( ...

 CHANCE 3.4 oz EDT spray UNBOXED for ...

Chance by Chanel 1.7 oz Eau De ...

Chance 3.4oz EAU DE TOILETTE SPRAY - ... 

 Chance by Chanel for Women 3.5 oz ...

Chance for Women by Chanel Vial ...

Chance For Women By Chanel: Chance ...

Chance for Women by Chanel EDT Spray ...

Chance by Chanel Eau de Toilette, For ...

Chance by Geoffrey Beene 3.3 oz. Eau ...

 Chance by Chanel TESTER for Women Eau ...

Givenchy Eau de Toilette

Chance by Chanel for Women - 3.3 oz ...

Chance by Chanel - Eau de Parfum ...

Chance Perfume - For Women by Chanel ...

 Trial-Size Fragrance Collection

Trial-Size Fragrance Collection



Chanel Chance Perfume by Chanel 1.7 ...

Chanel Chance Perfume by Chanel 1.7 ...

Chanel Chance Perfume by Chanel 1.7 ...

Chanel Chance Perfume by Chanel 1.7 ...

Chanel Chance Perfume by Chanel 3.4 ...

Chanel Chance Perfume by Chanel 0.25 ...

Chance Perfumes

It is a fact that one needs to avail many chances before selecting the best perfume, but there is no one best than Chanel Chance perfumes. For traces of every scent dominates in the Chance colognes; though on one side it gives off the sense of white musk, hyacinth and citron. On the other side, its pink pepper, jasmine, fresh vetiver, Florentine iris and amber patchouli produces that exhilarating senses. And it’s no lab-synth deal; these perfumes consist of the raw, natural components. Stimulating, temperate and spicy, the Chanel Chance perfumes help the wearers in gaining more distinction by making an effective declaration.


Features of Chanel Chance colognes


  • Flowery but with obvious effects of added unique scents.

  • Natural ingredients of supreme quality are consumed in Chanel Chance Perfumes.

  • Best preserving items are used to keep the perfumes freshness in original form for a long time.

  • Simplistic yet elegant packaging makes it quite a showpiece.

  • Best quality but economical.

  • Incredible staying power.



Chanel Perfumes For Men

Below are discussed, the high class Chanel perfumes and cologne for gentlemen varying with the variation of their taste and mood.



  • Allure Homme – A collective scent of bergamot, jasmine and cedar mixed with vanilla, sandalwood and amber. Best for the boardroom as well as for the official dinner.


  • Allure Homme Sport: An even mixture of all the pleasing characteristics in high-quality perfume. An exciting paradox borne out of tenderness, freshness, recreation and energy, It's refreshing aquatic linked to the smell sweet, citrus-like aldehyde and pepper and tonka. Distinct and unique, in so far as the wearer.


  • Antaeus: delicate, hot, masculine, influential, seductive – you can go on adding for this cologne that makes the best suitable one for romantic meetings.


  • Egoiste: Elegantly manly yet stimulating. A blend of citrus, coriander, jasmine, amber and wood definitely leaves the mark anywhere the user goes.


  • Egoiste Platinum: Masculine, loving, passionate - the energizing, delicate, woody fougère scent lasts and lasts. A Petit Grain flavor within violet, Rosemary, Clary Sage and Bourbon Geranium. A Cedar note adds the last punctuation in the virile perfume.


Perfume For Women

Here you will see a number of style Cologne and perfume that got place in the wardrobe of elegant women in the world. The Chanel Perfume is thus produced according to the liking and personality of the women who are always seen on high places. Fruity ingredients and traditional processing create these colognes a must have. Chanel achieves that goal with its long range of different products.


  • Coco Mademoissele cologne - vaguely sensual; brilliantly sophisticated - a gentle perfume for evening wearing.


  • CHANEL 5 Perfume - Since 1921, CHANEL No. 5 blends elegance with a mild, flowery fragrance ideal for using in the evening.


  • Chanel Allure pour Femme - A typical, slightly woodsy perfume that’s provoking at its worst. Made for expressing a statement.


  • Cristalle Perfume For Women - A day perfume consist of lemon, mandarin and additional pure citrus scents. Also produced in a richer flowery blend that's superbly lively and youthful. A great perfume for the summer seasons.


Once reserved for the rich, perfumes have now got place in everyone’s heart. It turns out to be more and more affordable with the passing of time. One of the perfumes that made this changeover possible is Chanel, who, through its honest efforts has released a whole series that’s cheap in price and best in standard. Chanel also offers free samples for their users to pick easily a suitable Chanel product according to their mood.


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