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 Donna Karan Perfume

DKNY Eau de Parfum for Women 0.24oz, ...

Be Delicious by Donna Karan for Women ...

DKNY Be Delicious 3.4 Oz for WOMEN ...

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Eau de ...

DKNY Be Delicious by Donna Karan ...

Cashmere Mist Perfume by Donna Karan ...

Dkny Delicious Night 3.4oz Eau De ...

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist EDP/3.4oz

DKNY Be Delicious Eau De Parfum Spray ...

Donna Karan Perfume for Women By ...

DKNY Delicious Night Rollerball 0.2 ...

DKNY Delicious Night Rollerball 0.2 ...

DKNY Red Delicious For Ladies: Red ...

Be Delicious For Women By DKNY: Be ...

Be Delicious 1.7 Oz EDP Spray 50 ML ...

DKNY Be Delicious Picnic In The Park ...

Dkny for Women by Donna Karan Eau De ...

Red Delicious for Women by Donna ...

Donna Karan Donna Karan Gold EDP/1.7oz

Be Delicious by Donna Karan 3.4 oz. ...


DKNY Red Delicious by Donna Karan ...

Dkny For Women 3.4oz Energizing Eau ...

Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan for ...

 DKNY 1oz. Eau de Parfum Spray for ...

DKNY Be Delicious 1.7 oz spray TESTER ...


DKNY by Donna Karan for Women - 1.7 ...

DKNY 1.7oz. Eau de Parfum Spray for ...

Dkny 1 Oz EDP Spray 30 ML Women by ...

DKNY Eau de Parfum Rollerball

Red Delicious by Donna Karan Eau De ...

 Be Delicious by Donna Karan 1 oz Eau ...

DKNY Eau de Parfum

DKNY Be Delicious Eau De Parfum Spray ...

DKNY by Donna Karan for women - 3.4 ...

DKNY by Donna Karen, 1.7 oz Eau De ...

Be Delicious by Donna Karan, 1 oz Eau ...

Cashmere Mist Perfume by Donna Karan ...

Be Delicious For Women By DKNY: Be ...

Donna Karan Perfumes

The minimum which a Donna Karan fragrance can do is complementing your body skin and your natural body smell. The scents are delicate enough to not enter anyone else's personal place, but amusing enough to make others gather around you. It’s the ideal product to enhance one's personality, wear and in general existence.


The boldly seductive blends chiefly use sweet flowers, citrus and scented woods for the women’s series as well as for men. Davana flower, tiger orchids as well as sandalwood, moss along with patchouli and iris make the supreme rule perfumery to produce a perfect scent with a strong message appealing to all generations. A product with creations has moved by love of public who share dreams and look for wonders in the nature and in this earth. Still not understood who Donna Karan is? That is the similar brand we know as DKNY i.e. Donna Karan New York.


If picking out the perfect one seems a hard task, and then goes for the mix of flowers and citrus-based scents for casual and daywear and spicy, woody or hot amber-based scents for the nights and special events. So go around, as much it is possible with fully loaded and elegant sandalwood, amber and musk together with a plethora of additional natural, fragrant ingredients. An exhilarating, warm, spicy, sultry result is warned.


Features Of Donna Karan cologne


  • Unique scents gained by harmonizing together jasmine, rose, orange and iris with contrasting scents like bergamot, violet leaf and orange floras.

  • Natural ingredients of supreme quality are used for creating the Donna Karan Scents and Perfumes.

  • Top preserving elements are taken to preserve the scents for longer times.

  • Simplistic yet elegant packaging makes Donna Karan perfume bottles just as a showpiece.

  • High quality yet low cost.

  • Remarkable staying strength.


Donna Karan Perfumes For Men


Under we have enlisted the names for the best quality Donna Karan perfumes for males assured to suit every taste and personality. Including Donna Karan Aftershave, Donna Karan Anti-Perspirant, Deodorant Sticks and Sprays.


  • DKNY Red Delicious - A fresh, limited-version perfume that’s more bold; more alluring and completely tempting due to the dark _ sweet impression. Cognac, rum, saffron and cardamom gives mixed with hints of citrus sparkling bergamot and mandarin flores. Traces of coffee, apple juice liqueur and vanilla vodka strengthen the male fragrance.


Donna Karan Perfume For Women


Below is enlisted a major collection of elegant scents and perfumes that made way into the wardrobe of the elegant people globally. The Donna Karan Perfume series is therefore produced according to the liking and nature of those, who always remain among high class people. Fruity ingredients and typical processing make these fragrances a must have. Donna Karan achieved that goal through its long period research


  • Donna Karan Black Cashmere: It is a deluxe mixture of sensual spices and exotic woody notes that creates this ideal romantic fragrance.


These colognes have attracted the people of all age groups and also become more and more affordable with the passing decades. The brand series, which played a crucial role in making this transition possible, is the Donna Karan perfumes series, who, through sincere efforts has released an entire series that’s cheap in price and best in standard. Liz Claiborne also offers free samples for the users to pick easily a perfect Donna Karan series perfume.


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