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 Guess Perfume

Guess Gold by Guess for Women - 3 Pc ...
Guess Gold by Guess for Women - 3 Pc ...
Guess Gold by Guess for Women - 3 Pc ...
Guess Gold by Guess for Women - 3 Pc ...

 Guess by Parlux for Women 2.5 oz Eau ...

Guess Perfume - Guess Gold Eau De ...

Guess for Women by Georges Marciano ...

Guess by Marciano, 3.4 oz Eau De ...

Guess by Marciano for women - 3.4 oz ...

Guess (new) for Women by Parlux Eau ...

Guess 1.7 Oz EDT Spray 50 ML Women by ...

Guess Perfume - Guess Gold Eau De ...

 Guess For Women 2.5oz Eau De Parfum ...

xcGuess. Perfume by Guess 1.7 oz EDP ...

Guess Gold by Guess for Women - 3 Pc ...

c Guess by Marciano 1oz. Eau de Parfum ...

Guess 1.7oz. Eau de Parfum Spray for ...

Guess by Guess 2.5 oz. Eau de Parfum ...

Guess Gold by Guess for Women Eau de ...

 Guess for Women Eau de Parfum Spray ...

Guess Gold BY Guess For Women: Guess ...

Guess For Women By Guess: Guess 2.5 ...

Guess Gold Parlux Mini EDP .25 oz for ...

Guess (New) by Parlux Eau De Parfum ...

Guess Gold Eau De Parfum Spray for ...

 Guess Gold for Women by Guess - eau ...

Guess for Women by Guess - eau de ...

Guess by Marciano Eau de Parfum Spray

 Guess Eau de Parfum Spray


Guess Gold by Guess for women - 2.5 ...

Guess by Marciano for women - 3.4 oz ...

Guess Gold by Parlux, 2.5 oz Eau De ...


GUESS Guess by Marciano Eau de ...

GUESS Guess By Marciano Eau de ...

Guess by Guess for Women - 3 Pc Gift ...

 Guess Perfume - Eau De Parfum ...

Guess Perfume - Eau De Parfum Spray ...

Guess. Perfume by Guess 3.4 oz EDP ...

Guess Perfumes

You can discover a Guess perfume because of its distinctive appeal and perfume that reaches the nose. It is one brand that has a unique fragrance only Guess can reproduce.


Features Of Guess cologne:


  • It has an exclusive aroma – ingredients combined are great, not too strong, nor too light.

  • It has a longer and eternal effect – the aroma doesn’t weaken easily. Several drops can stay till the ending of the day.

  • It has a durable bottle which doesn’t easily crack.

  • The packaging is exclusive – it goes with the client’s fondness. Small and easy to carry with.

  • Broad range to choose from – according to your personality and activities.

  • Present in nearly all department stores. It can be purchased anywhere, even through website.



Guess Perfumes For Women:

 Here are three colognes which can create a different image for ladies.


  • Guess Suede Perfume. This was 1st launched in 2007. One of the newest perfumes in the industry. It is composed of bergamot, tangerine and pineapple added with lavender and nutmeg. This is a scent preferred to be worn during the day.


  • Guess Cologne for Women. This is a floral perfume initiates in 1991 by George Marciano. It is prepared from added blends of tobacco, spice and fresh floras.


  • Guess Perfume. This is one perfume introduced by Parlux in 2005. This is a blend of floral and wood perfume that smells fine in women’s skin. This brings out charm and sexy feminine styles.


Guess Perfumes For Men:

Two perfumes of Guess that men can select from:


  • Guess Gold. Its fruity odor consisting of apple and pineapple, addition of water lily, rose and jasmine. This is an additional new perfume introduced only in 2007.


  • Guess Cologne. This is from Georges Marciano’s collection. It is prepared from the different scents of tobacco and fresh flowers.


Guess cologne can be used during the day’s activity or night outs. Self-confidence builds up more when you use something that will make you bring out your sexiness and fashion. Guess perfume, on the other hand, is recommended more during night activities. It is energizing and doesn’t fuse with sweat when you perspire.


If likened Guess perfumes, there are many stores which present Guess perfume free sample. You can experiment it first and if you are persuaded on how it can complete your style, then purchase it in larger sizes.


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