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 Lancome Perfume

Magnifique by Lancome for Women Eau ...

Magnifique by Lancome for women - 2.5 ...

Miracle So Magic! by Lancome 1.7 oz. ...

Lancome Perfume Tresor Perfumed Body ...

 Attraction For Women By Lancome: ...

Lancome Perfume o OUI! Eau de ... .

 Climat by Lancome for Women - 0.5 oz ...

Miracle Intense 1.7 Oz EDP Spray 50 ...

Miracle Summer Perfume by Lancome 3.4 ...

 Hypnose Sheer by Lancome for Women ...

Poeme For Women By Lancome: Poeme 3.4 ...

Attraction Lancome Eau De Parfum ...

Hypnose by Lancome for Women 2.5 oz ...

Hypnose by Lancome for Women 2.5 oz ...

Miracle by Lancome for Women 3.4 oz

MIRACLE Lancome Mini EDP .17 oz for ...

Miracle So Magic! Perfume by Lancome ...

Attraction 1.7 Oz EDP Spray 50 ML ...

LANCOME Tresor for Women Eau de ...

Lancome Magnifique 1 oz Eau de Parfum ...

Climat Perfume by Lancome for Women, ...

Miracle So Magic! by Lancome 3.4 oz. ...

Miracle for Women by Lancome Eau De ...

Climat 0.47oz. Parfum Splash for Women

Magnifique by Lancome ,1.7 oz Eau De ...

Miracle by Lancome, 3.4 oz Eau De ...

Lancome So Magic Eau de Parfum 1.7oz, ...

Lancome Eau de Parfum Spray 1oz, 30ml

Lancome Eau de Parfum Spray

Lancome Eau de Parfum Spray

Miracle Ultra Pink by Lancome for ...

Poeme by Lancome for women 1.7 oz Eau ...

Lancome Tresor Eau De Parfum Spray ...

Lancome Miracle Forever Eau De Parfum ...

 Hypnose for Women by Lancome - eau de ...

Miracle Forever for Women by Lancome ...

Miracle So Magic by Lancome for women ...

Miracle So Magic by Lancome for women ...

Tresor by Lancome for Women - 1.7 oz ...

Hypnose by Lancome for women - 2.5 oz ...

Lancome Perfumes

When Armand Petitjean was discovering the remains of Le Château de Lancosme, he was fascinated by the beauty of the lot of wild roses budding in the surrounding areas of the castle. Hence, Lancome Perfumes were discovered. For over 7 decades, Lancome cologne has defined the extremely essence as well as presence of a lady in her most appealing and fascinating moment.


Lancome Perfumes Features


  • Hypnotic perfume with radiant twists giving a light, fresh and charming feeling.


  • A captivating perfume for a charming lady with a surprising and fascinating attitude


  • The exclusive bottle is a jewel carved in glass and sophisticatedly packaged.


  • Likened by famous and international personalities like Isabella Rossellini, kate Winslet (the most famous actress of holly wood), Uma Thurman, Mena Suvari, and so on….


  • In early 2007, Clive Owen became the 1st narrator for Lancôme's Mens skincare series and new perfume Hypnose Homme.



Lancome Fragrances For Women

Below we have mentioned high class feminine Lancome Perfumes according to euphoric uniqueness.



  • Climat Eau de Parfum - the appealing gentleness of the tropics and the attracting scent of Lily of the Valley and Narcissus.


  • Hypnôse Parfum - this fragrance by Lancome isintensifies its femininity and fascinates all with its strength with Passion Flower, Absolute Vanilla and Vetiver.


  • Hypnôse Eau de Parfum Spray - a charming luminous oriental scent that instantly captivate all with Passion Flower, Vanilla and Vetiver notes.


  • Hypnôse Sheer - blends the captivating brilliance of Hypnôse with a mixture of Citrus infused with Guava, Passion Flower, Vetiver along with Vanilla.


  • Magie Noire - The magic charm spread by floras, woods, spices and greens.


  • Miracle - The taste of vigorous freesia, peppered with ginger with the brilliance of magnolias, serenely balanced by temperate, amber notes.


  • Miracle Forever - A gourmand “florientalâ€� of Star Anise, Black Currant and Almond Flora giving an aroma of an elegant lady, empower to make her own fortune.

  • Mille _ Une Roses - capitulates to the charm of the classic balance among the scent of flowers as well as amber, and the deep blue of a fading sky.


  • Ô De Lancôme - A summerhouse of fresh perfume: combination of lemon, mandarin as well as jasmine, sandalwood along with wild rosemary.


  • Poême - A fragrance of contrasts: the icy crystal clear Blue Himalayan Poppy holds the stimulating, desert Datura floras.


  • Miracle So Magic! – This delightful perfume of Lancome is a mix of clover, wild rose and narcissus.


  • Trésor Parfum - The classiness of rose, muguet and lilac harmonized with the sparkle of apricot blossom.


  • Trésor Diamond Edition - combines the sophistication of Rose, Muguet and Lilac with the sparkle of Apricot Blossom, Heliotrope and Iris to rouse deep sentiments.


  • Trésor L'Eau De Toilette - A heady harmony of Apricot Rose and Lilac representing the lighter part of love.


  • Trésor Sheer Limited Edition – This Fragrance by Lancome is a bright bunch of Rose Litchee, Peach Blossom and Sandalwood. For Lancome colognes makers: The limited version bottle is decorated with a removable Trésor keepsake ring – an exclusive jewelry item.


  • Trésor Sparkling Limited Edition - a perfume of amazing radiance with the freshness of pear, the embrace of white rose and violet and the warmness of sandalwood


Lancome Perfumes For Men:

You will discover below two of masculine Lancome Cologne with their signature uniqueness.


  • Hypnôse Homme - Seductive amber fragrant of spicy black cardamom, a heart of lavender and the heat of amber and musk.


  • Ô oui! - A dazzling blend of Clementine along with Water Lily with a allusion of icy Musk.


Perfume is an intensely cherished signature of a lady’s feature and sensitivity. It defines her traits and how she wishes others to see her. The perfume closely compliment her dresses describes her presence in her most attractive and hypnotic time and moment. For 70 years, Lancome Perfumes and Cologne symbolizes this and has perfected the beauty of captivating the feelings. For perfect pick, experience Lancome perfume free sample.


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