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 Maja Perfume

Maja Perfume by Myrurgia 0.85 oz EDT ...

Maja Perfume by Myrurgia 1.7 oz EDT ...

Maja Perfume - EDT Spray 3.4 oz. by ...

Maja 1.7 Oz Eau De Toilette Spray ...

Maja 3.4 Oz EDT Spray 100 ML Women by ...

Womens Designer Perfume by Myrurgia, ...

Womens designers Perfume by Myrurgia, ...

Maja by Myrurgia for Women 8.5 oz ...

Maja Soap Cakes by Myrurgia, 3 Maja ...

Carlos Santana 3.4 oz Spray TESTER ...

Carlos Santana 3.4 oz Spray for Men ...

 Maja by Myrurgia 1.7 oz. Eau de ...

Maja for Women by Maja 3 Soap Cakes ...

Carlos Santana Cologne - Fine Cologne ...

Maja By Maja For Women - EDT SPRAY ...

Myrurgia - MAJA Shower Gel For Women ...

Myrurgia - MAJA Shower Gel For Women ...

Carlos Santana Men 3.4oz. Eau de ...

Carlos Santana Men 1.7oz. Eau de ...

Maja for Women by Maja Bath _ ...

Maja by Myrurgia for Women Eau de ...

Maja by Myrurgia for Women Body ...

Maja by Maja Bath _ Shower Gel 17 ...

 Maja by Maja Body Lotion 17 oz

 Maja By Maja For Women

 Maja By Maja For Women

 Maja By Maja For Women

Maja by Myrurgia, 17 oz Perfumed Bath ...



Maja by Myrurgia for women - 3.4 oz ...

Maja Perfumed Soap Box/3 3.15 oz each ...

Maja Perfumed Soap in Travel Case 4.9 ...

Maja By Myrurgia For Women. Eau De ...

 Maja By Myrurgia For Women. Eau De ...

 Maja by Myrurgia - Dusting Powder 5.2 ...

Maja by Myrurgia - Talcum Powder 7.0 ...

MAJA by Myrurgia

MAJA by Myrurgia

Maja Perfume by Myrurgia 3.4 oz EDT ...

Maja Perfumes

Launched in 1921 from beautiful coast of Maja in Vieja España.  Maja Perfumes has been sought after and has been a preferred by the sophisticated women over the years. All the ladies that had the privilege of using it felt the cool and the classic scent this mysterious mixture of rose, jasmine and exotic flowers present.


Maja Perfume, released by the design house of Myrurgia in 1921, is categorized as:


  • A Refined, delicate and Oriental scent

  • A feminine perfume that has a balanced combination of citrus, lavender, spice and woods

  • A soft, powdery sense that ladies love in a scent

  • Prepared from natural elements

  • Perfect for all seasons


Maja Eau De Toilette

This scent is gifted with such a delightful aroma that anyone can use without being overpowering, delicate and gentle enough to wear to bed.


Maja Perfume’s scent is light but quite unforgettable and very amusing. It wears well but does not seek to make a statement but you will certainly come in and go out feeling like a million.


For the “curioso�, just stumbling upon this scent today will give anyone a feeling that it has characteristics that represent both kinds of scents. But after its re-launch, many cannot believe how long Maja has been around yet has never listened of it! Maja is in the cultured class of what “mujeres sofisticadas� judge as a zesty, woody, flowery oriental. It possesses a soft fragrance that lingers very nicely that even the citrus notes to Maja are very beautifully harmonized by the floral and spice notes. The patchouli and vetiver are not too overpowering that you would finally say, “Bravo, Maja!�


Some “seguidores leales� have been looking for this scent for over three decades because of its fresh, clean and distinctive smell compared to modern fragrances.


Certainly not for the shy or faint-hearted, Maja’s profound, exciting and sensual scent will anxiously provoke "EROTICA" even to the lame weak nose.


However, Maja is undoubtly not loud or stronger nor is it cheap smelling but extraordinarily sexy dissimilar to other perfumes. A true scent in every sense of the word, an Oriental, with a woodsy, spicy edge, it's to no surprise that every lady using it feels glamorous with this elegant floral scent with a mossy cypress note.


If you are searching for something distinct and sensual, this would be an absolute winner for. You will definitely fall in love with the scent. This spicy scent has intrigued pilgrims and awestruck loyal groups for many decades. You will certainly feel dressed or informal, sharp not fruity or flowery _ it's pleasant in hot as well as cold season. Make sure to try on Maja Perfume free samples and you would desire to put a splash and literally leave everyone intrigued with the chilly fresh aroma all over.


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