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 Joy Perfume

Jean Patou Perfume - Joy Parfum ...
Jean Patou Perfume - Joy Parfum ...
Joy by Jean Patou Eau de Parfum Jewel ...
Dolce _ Gabbana Light Blue 6.7 oz ...
Joy Perfume by Jean Patou 0.25 oz ...
Joy 0.25 Oz Pure Perfume Spray ...
Joy Perfume by Jean Patou 1.0 oz EDT ...
Joy 1.6 Oz EDP Spray UNBOX 48 ML ...
Joy by Jean Patou for Women 2 Piece ...
360 Blue Holiday Joy Gift Set 3.4oz ...
Joy Perfume by Jean Patou for Women, ...
Joy Parfum Splash ( Black Bottle )
En Joy 2.5oz. Eau de Parfum Spray for ...
Joy by Jean Patou for Women 3 Piece ...
En Joy By Jean Patou 2.5 oz EDP for ...
En Joy By Jean Patou 1.6 oz EDP for ...
Jean Patou Joy EDP/2.5 oz.
Joy Parfum Baccarat Limited Edition ...
Jean Patou Joy Parfum Baccarat ...
En Joy By Jean Patou For Women. Eau ...
Joy by Jean Patou Eau de Toilette ...
Joy 6.7oz Perfumed Shower Gel
En Joy By Jean Patou Eau De Parfum ...
EN JOY by Jean Patou EAU DE PARFUM ...
Natural Sundae Joy Aromatherapy ...
EN JOY By Jean Patou EAU DE PARFUM ...
EN JOY By Jean Patou EAU DE PARFUM ...
Joy Eau De Parfum Natural Spray ( New ...
Joy Eau de Parfum
En Joy Women's 2.5-ounce Eau De ...
Womens En Joy by Jean Patou Eau de ...
Joy by Patou 1.5 oz. Eau de Parfum ...

Premier Joy 100ml Women's Perfume

Joy by Patou 0.5 oz. Parfum Splash ...

Introduction to Joy Perfumes

Publicized as “the most expensive cologne in the world� Joy colognes by Jean Patou was introduced in 1931 plus still foremost the way. Joy fragrance is extracted from the most exclusive expected features through factual Patou luxuriousness. Setting values for the aromas as well as describing the factual sense of the cologne in their fashionable way Joy cologne are introducing populace by exceptional perfumes. The Jean Patou shape home is as well allocation the people throughout its area of expertise of producing gorgeous gowns to the customers of Paris.


Features of the Joy Perfumes

• The womanly perfume enjoys an appearance of the jasmine, rose as well as outstanding oils for making the high quality aroma.

• Joy is well thought-out as the sophisticated baroque cologne.

• The expected components that improve perfume superiority are mutual stylishly in Joy.

• For giving longer collision preservatives of eminence have as well been used in masterpiece.

• Elegant bottle draped in fashionable covering gives a dramatic appear as well as eye catching outlook.


Joy Colognes for Men

The Joy has concluded its row of produce by addition a number of peak superiority Joy perfume for men plus we have selected a small a bit extraordinary for you. Underneath you will have a glance of these fragrances.

• Patou Pour Home Cologne - is a flowery yellowish-brown perfume for men. This mannish smell has peak notes of violet, Bergamot. Concluding off through Vanilla this aroma includes Sandalwood as well as patchouli as support of the delicate scent.

• Voyageur Cologne - a woodsy Mossy perfume was introduced in 1995 through the Jean Patou. Including violet, flavors, plus Citrus as well as Woods it is extremely optional for day use.


Joy Perfumes for Ladies

Joy colognes for women’s are measured as the most excellent gift for her as well as on extraordinary events also because these aromas are merges especially for the stylish people as well as amuse wearer above perfume. The sweet plus elaborate cologne grabs direct thought as well as makes the wearer an element from others. Autonomy of selection for daytime or sunset in addition to colognes for your extraordinary events from the long variety fragrances makes Joy an element from additional brands too.

• 1000 Perfume - was fashioned through Jean Patou in 1972. The perfumer fashioned this masterwork following the 10 years of indomitable work by Chinese osmanthus, Bulgarian roses as well as jasmine of Grasse.

• Amour Perfume - was introduced through the Jean Patou business in 2003 as a stimulating perfume. This humorous as well as exciting delicate scent is a match of flowery as well as oriental perfumes plus greatly optional for day time use.

• Caline Perfumes - was introduced by the business in 1996. Optional for sunset use this amazing flowery cologne is a sweet mixture of Green Citrus, Jasmine, Cedarwood, flavors, Ylang-ylang through Musk in addition to Moss.


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